Human Trafficking

In January 2012, KCLB under the leadership of then interim Director, Jeanette Cheng, started a task force to combat Human Trafficking in and around Long Beach. "What is the faith based response to this issue?" and "how can we unite and collaborate around this issue?" are two questions that drive our conversations. We currently over a dozen organizations at the table, including congregations, non-profits, direct care providers and law enforcement agencies. Collaboration has never been an easy task, but we intend to create a network stronger than the one that keeps this evil alive. We have created and continue to develop our three-pronged approach which includes 1) Prevention- through awareness and education of the community and at-risk populations 2) Advocacy and 3) Aftercare. To read a task force member's account of the emerging Human Trafficking Task Force, please read our blog.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about Human Trafficking and how to get involved locally, please contact us at